We have many PDF downloads and resources for you.   A small administrative fee is asked to help maintain this site.  here are some of the PDF vintage resources we offer.  Here are some vintage owner manuals that will help you understand the features of the vintage Hammond B-3 C-3 A-100 and other Vintage drawbar organs.  These manuals are the original manuals that were given to a client who purchased a Hammond Tone wheel organ.  Hope they can be a help to you . 

Original Owners Manual for Hammond B-3, C-3, A-100 & Others

Hammond B, C, A-100 Owners Manual PDF.    This is the  original Hammond  organ manual and is relevant to all B series organs,  BV, B2  B-3, & CV,  C2, C-3, and  A-100  organs manual.  We are charging a small administrative fee of $1.50 to maintain and administrate this site.

The manual explains stops, drawbars, and features of the Hammond Organ. Will provide a PDF download, you will have to print out on your printer. You can download the file and save it to your hard drive. This is a pdf conversion file of the original Vintage Hammond Organ. This manual was used for those who purchased B, C,  and A-100 series organs  An Addendum was added for understanding percussion which we also have available on this download site.   Instead of reprinting the manual, dealers would just add the addendum for the newer models. 

Understanding Percussion Tabs On B-3, C-3, A-100 Organ

This book was written as an addendum to the original Hammond Organ Owners Manual.   Basically the organs are the same when understanding setting up the drawbars.  The major difference between the BV and B2 was that the B-2  added split vibrato, and the B-3, C-3, A-100 introduced the percussion tabs also.  Often a dealer would give the original Hammond Owners manual and this booklet to those who purchased the newer B-3, C-3 or A-100. 

We ask a small administrative fee of $1.50 to help maintain this site and develop and scan more products as we get time. 


The original manual put out by Hammond of Chicago to help you understand how to set up your drawbars on Hammond Organs.   Dealers would give his little book to everyone who purchased a B-3, C-3, A-100, M-3, or M-100.  If you have a hard time understanding how to set up the drawbars on your Hammond organ this little manual could be a great help to you.  

We ask a small administrative fee of $1.50 to help pay for the maintenance of this service and site. 

Drawbar Settings For The Hammond B-3, C-3 or A-100

This book gives some common drawbar settings for the B-3, C-3, A-100 organ.  Can be used with any Hammond organ that has 9 Harmonic Drawbars.  We ask a small administrative fee of $1.50 to help us maintain this service and this site. 

A-100 Service Reference Manual

Service Manual for A-100 series organs,  much of the information could be applicable to B-3's and C-3 organs.  Essentially the A-100 has internal speakers and amplification.  This is the major difference.  A small administrative fee of $1.50 is asked to help us maintain this portion of the website and for scanning fees. 
Here is a free resource if you are a musician song writer or student.,  Manuscript paper and a pencil can never become obsolete.  There is no substitute for just plain old paper and pencil.   I have many templates I have set up through the years of blank music paper.  The following files are what I use the most.  i am making it available for free on this site.  Hope the files will be a help to you.  I usually put them in a folder on my desktop so if I need to print them out I have handy access to them. 


Some free files of music staff paper.  Great resource for musicians, students, teachers.   Made these on my engraving program and use them all the time when I am writing a song, sketching out musical ideas.  Thought I would share them with clients and fellow musicians. I have all kind of formats but these two formats are what I use the most.  I keep the folder on my desktop because I am always in need of scrap staff music paper.  With all the digital music notation software out there  I have found there still is not substitute for pencil and paper.  You might want to check out  the SCORE-WRITER program.  I often use this program to sketch out ideas also and then take these ideas to a serious engraving program like Score, Finale, or Sibelius. .  Download them and keep them in a convenient folder to print out when you need to print out some notepad manuscript paper. 
Two of the most popular speakers for the Vintage Hammond Organs is the Leslie 122 series and the 147 - 145 series.   Here are the original owner's manuals for these two famous speakers. 

Owners Manual For Leslie 122 Speaker

Owners Manual For The Famous Leslie 122 Speaker.   A small administrative fee of $1.50 for the maintenance of this site is added.

Leslie 145-147-247 Owners Manual

Original Owners Manual for the Leslie 145 -147 & 247 Model Tone cabinets.  Small administrative fee of $1.50 is charged for the maintenance of this site.  
Are  you a Church Musician or Sunday School Teacher or Pastor?  For over 30 years I have been writing Scripture choruses for our church here is a link where you can go to download some free music.  GO TO FREESCRIPTURESONGS.COM  to download free music and choruses for church use.