We can move your piano safely to where it is needed. Having moved many pianos in the country, we have a unique variety of vehicles and equipment to handle those unique situations. We have had to go across lawns with our all terrain equipment, as well as using our special custom made 4 wheel drive piano truck to access deliveries in hard to reach spots. We can deliver your piano to that summer home in the mountains or on the lake where the typical piano delivery truck can't get in. We have had city movers drop off pianos to our warehouse because they were not equipped to handle the difficult terrain of a country move.

Why to Use A Technician
To Move Your Piano

We are professionally insured and also being both a technician and mover means if something needs to be adjusted in the process of moving your piano, we can make any necessary adjustments upon destination. So often a mover will tell you that you will have to call a piano technician in such cases, costing you double in the long run.

For example: often in moving a piano a pedal rod may fall out, or something falls into the action that needs to be removed. Some grand pianos are not designed with a proper stop rail, or the rail has been removed by a previous technician and all the keys jam up when tilted. We pop them back in place at no charge. When moving a grand we properly adjust the pedals, and make sure everything is working properly with no extra charge involved. Even a small spinet can require the technicians experience. Often I have seen movers remove spinet legs when going up steps only to loose the bolts attached inside. The only way to access these bolts is to remove the key slip and cheek blocks which is a regular procedure for a qualified technician but not a mover.

We also have experience in touch up work and can do in house cleaning and refurbishing of the cabinet of your pianos upon delivery. Also we can touch up the tuning upon delivery. Why wait for a technician to show up taking more of your time to set up appointments and costing you more money?

We can do long distance
moves also...