OW WE CAN HELP YOU FIRST OF ALL WE SELL & SERVICE HAMMOND ORGANS:   We stock vintage Hammond Organs and Leslies, and also We have a network of talented and qualified service technicians who can refurbish or rebuild your Vintage Hammond Organ.   We can service the Northeastern PA region and also parts of New Jersey.  Our technicians are located in Annadale NJ, and Northeastern Pa, we also have a tech near Binghamton New York, We certainly cannot do small service calls if you are a distance from one of our techs.  Logistics would make a small service call impossible.   However, if you want your organ totaly rebuilt it may be worth using our services we can arrange shipping to get your instrument to us.

SECONDLY: Another service we offer is that we at times purchase vintage Hammond B, C, and A-100 model organs or Leslie speaker.  Click Here For Information About Hammond Organs We Buy

THIRDLY: We sell a variety of do it yourself service kits and our in house technician can be available to answer questions about products you purchase from us.  You can send an email to [email protected] PLEASE NOTE:   Before you email,   please go to the following link which provides common answers to questions that many people ask about their Hammond organs.   Most of your questions will be answered in this link..

FOURTHLY:  WE HAVE PARTS FOR VINTAGE HAMMOND ORGANS: We have many items on our shopping cart if you want to save money and do simple repairs on your organ yourself.  We have trailer loads of vintage parts, and even cabinet parts.   You can email us for more information.  Also go to our on line Shopping Cart to order parts for your Hammond Organ.  Click here to go to our on line shopping cart to purchase Hammond Organ and Leslie parts. We will be adding more items as time permits and they become available.

FINALLY Here is a link answering most of the commonly asked questions about Vintage Hammond Organs.  Click Here For Answers To The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Vintage Hammond Organs