An Introduction to Our
Company And Services

My name is Frank Bissol. My wife Elaine and I are the owners of Piano Organ Depot.  We are a family operated piano organ retail outlet.  We are both musicians and music is not only business for us it is a love. I personally have 2 degrees in music from two separate colleges. Both majors were in performance.   I graduated with an Associates degree with an emphasis in electronic music and composition way back in the days of the analog synthesizers, when they had real knobs and patch chords. I also received a bachelors of music degree as a double major in Piano and Organ Performance in 1979. I also hold a Masters Degree.   Recently my wife and I have graduated to a new stage of our life. All our children are grown, and married.   We are now grandparents, and having home schooled all our children, who are part of our family music service business; my wife now is free to work outside of the home and we are working together in retail piano organ sales.   I guess we can legitimately be called a Ma-Pop operation.

I got involved in piano organ sales in 1982, and in 1989, I started my own piano repair and tuning business.  Today we have expanded and networked our business with Magdon Music, to conveniently provide one place in our area where people can go to buy a piano, digital piano, or home or church organ.   Things have changed quite a bit since the 80’s when I was in the piano organ retail business. With the advent of the internet and computers technology has greatly advanced. We are able to keep up with these trends and offer the latest instruments that make use of computer technology. Also we offer our full service for the products we sell.   The piano business is not complete without service.  It is for this reason we believe we can better help you in your selection of a piano. Unlike most dealers as the owner of the company I have extensive experience in both Sales and Service of Pianos along with extensive training in organ both classical, gospel, and contemporary use of the instrument. As well as knowledge in the cutting edge computer music technology of our day.

A piano that is not tuned and serviced is not a joy to play and will frustrate any owner, discourage learning, creative playing and also musical fulfillment. This is one of many reasons I changed from retail sales to service about 20 years ago.   When you buy a piano from us, we will place you on a call back service maintenance program so that your piano will be enjoyed and maintained.  No matter how wonderful a piano you buy it is important that every piano owner understand that a piano needs to be maintained. Many people buy a piano and never have the piano tuned. This is not wise, nor is it good for the piano or the player and (or) student.  There are many factors that cause a piano to go out of tune, and no matter how good a piano you have, it will go out of tune.   Some pianos tend to go out of tune quicker than others. Usually, a smaller piano will go out of tune quicker than a larger piano. The reason this happens is because the strings are shorter and the ratio of change due to climate changes cause a greater effect on tunings.  Also, a smaller piano is usually a more entry level instrument and not built as well. Sometimes the reason for tuning instability is because of the environment that the piano is being exposed to.

The dry conditions of the winter heating season and the humid weather of the summer, are all a factor that causes a piano to go out of tune.  By adding a climate control system in your piano you can greatly extend the tuning stability of your piano.  These units stabilize the humidity factor allowing greater stability to the piano. These devices also will greatly increase the life of your piano.

Maybe some people do not get their pianos tuned because they feel they cannot afford to. If a person says they can’t afford to keep their piano in tune, my response would be; you can’t afford a piano.  What good is it to buy a car that you can’t afford to put gas in or buy insurance for? Usually people, who are in this position are looking for a $400.00 - $1000.00 piano.   A well-tuned older upright can give you years of learning and enjoyment, but remember, they too need to be tuned or what good are they?   Today you could expect to pay more in maintenance and fueling a vehicle in it’s life than the cost of the vehicle itself.  If you buy a low budget used piano you should be prepared in the years to come to pay more to keep it in tuned and maintained than what you paid for the piano itself.

Let me suggest that if you are not going to have your piano tuned that you should consider one of our digital pianos until your ready to move to an acoustic piano.   My colleagues probably will condemn me for saying this but before anyone writes me off as a traitor to my trade of being a piano technician, you should read my article " "Digital Pianos Fact Or Fiction."

Almost every piano teacher will tell you that you should learn on an acoustic piano.   A friend of mine was told by a reputable piano teacher that she would not teach his children unless he purchased a Grand Piano as soon as possible.  He told me he was paying over $6000 a year to have all his children take lessons plus the piano cost him over $15,000.00 and it was being tuned twice a year.  Not everyone has the financial resources to do this but when you consider the investment of lessons and a piano, it is important to have an instrument that is in tune. A piano costing $15,000 or even a $20,000 un tuned will discourage a student more than a $400.00 piano that is in tune. See our article "How Much Should I Pay For A Used Piano" The truth is we have pianos that we can sell you from anywhere from $400 to $100,000.   You or your children can learn on any of these, as long as they are maintained and tuned regularly. However the better the instrument the greater motivation the student musician will have to learn and play music.

We understand that there are people in every budget level that want to learn, enjoy music or help their children to learn music.  We are here to find solutions for you. We have rental programs, which will include lessons, and a in tune piano. We can also provide a tuning maintenance agreement all in one monthly payment package.   We have digital pianos for others students or adults who want to learn quickly and enjoy music and are not worried about learning proper technique. We have new and used instruments at every price level.   We take trade ins, and we can refurbish your existing piano and save you money. If we don't have an instrument in your price range, we can get it.   We can get an instrument to you in every imaginable price range from $400.00 - $100,000.00   We are not here to brag about how great we are but I don’t know any other local dealer in our area that can do what we can for you.  I hope we can serve you in some capacity.  Feel free to call us if you have piano that needs to be tuned or serviced. Let me suggest you read an amusing short article entitled Why Buy From A Service Oriented Piano Retailer"

Sincerely yours,

Frank Bissol, Owner

Piano Services We Offer:
We Tune and Service Pianos
We Move Pianos
We Refurbish pianos internally and cosmetically
We take trade ins of old pianos
We do Piano Removals
We take trade ins towards the newer high quality digital pianos