Located in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania, near the Elk Mountain Ski Resort;  we are a family operated business that  is able to  refurbish and rebuild vintage pianos from start to finish.  Our pianos are completely "home grown" start to finish at our country workshops.  Whether it be a simple refurbishing,  or complete rebuilding depending on the age and condition of the piano, we can do it all on site.

History Of Our Piano Tuning Business

In 1973, I graduated with an A.A. Degree in Piano Music Performance. In 1974, I was planning to get married and looking for a way to make an honest living in the music business. An old tuner came to tune my piano and I asked him if piano tuning was a good trade. He encouraged me to learn to tune and I started to apprentice with him. I also took some night classes in the Philadelphia area and learned enough to tune my own piano and our church piano. Shortly after this I went on to get a B.A. in Piano/Organ and Sacred Music Performance; then in 1982, I received a M.Div degree. After graduation I worked for a piano organ store for about 7 years and then branched out on my own.  After taking classes in piano tuning in the philadphia area in 1975  I latter  appenticed with many fine technicains through the years.   Since then, I have gained practical experience and added training to do all aspects of piano work.  Also belonging to the tuners guild has provided continual learning and training as needed. Since then I have trained my children to tune and have one other apprentice who does a fine job tuning. Having started out as an aural tuner, I have since purchased the latest tuning computer devices for my children. Having used these tools I have found the best tuning you can get is a combination of aural tuning and electronic checks. This is our history, and as you can see it has been a long process of learning that never stops.  Today we have expanded to carry the two leading pianos in the world,  Kawai and Yamaha.  We now sell new and used pianos, and digital pianos in our public display in Olyphant Pa and we warehouse and rebuild pianos in Clifford PA.

Why We Can Sell For Less

We have experience in every aspect of the piano business:  whether it be soundboard replacements, pinblock installations, restringing, refinishing, regulation or any other aspect of repair work, we have experience in these vital aspects of  "Piano Technology."    Unlike many big dealers with high overhead and high mark ups,  we are able to take our pianos from the seedling to the full ripened harvest and deliver it to your door step.  We can service locally and deliver what we sell almost anywhere.